***As you can see I have not blogged in a really lonnnng time. But I did find that I never published this post that I wrote in December. I think I must have wanted to refine it a bit. Instead I will post it as-is and then try to pick up where I left off with future posts. Thank you for your understanding***

There is so much I have wanted to say but I just haven’t found anytime to sit down in front of a computer and write. I know someday it will be a bit calmer, but there has been much to do with getting Oliver’s immediate needs taken care of as well as tending to his four older siblings own medical needs and all their schooling and activities.

Lately, there has been a great sadness across our valley and the nation. Many families have encountered tremendous sorrow, challenges and difficulties. Some parents have lost their own two year olds while other families have either had a husband or father suffer cardiac arrest. Other families are dealing with lost jobs, broken relationships , or grieving for those who have passed on awhile ago. I know for me this time of year has been particulary difficult because I lost my sister after Thanksgiving 12 years ago. The raw pain has faded but nonetheless it’s usually been a difficult time to face each year.

The past year has been exceptionally challenging for our family. I have undergone 4 surgeries in the past year and I have had to care for my daughters’ chronic health conditions at the same time. Then we had Oliver’s diagnosis in September and Henry’s hospitalization this past month. Henry had a fever of 104.5 coupled with severe abdominal pain. We took him to urgent care and than were promptly sent to the hospital after being told his white blood cell count was dangerously low and they could better care for him there. At first the doctor’s were trying to rule out whether he simply had a viral infection or whether he had leaukemia. I don’t think we would of been able to endure another great challenge at this moment. We were told that he could be in the hospital for a bit because it takes awhile for the levels to rise. We had a lot of prayers being said on Henry’s behalf. Henry was also given a blessing in the hospital by his father and our family friend, who is our home teacher. Henry’s levels quadrupled overnight. It is our firm belief that he turned around so quickly because of the prayers and blessing bestowed upon him. Tender mercies were poured out to our family these past few weeks and months.

I’m getting ahead of myself by not posting about Oliver’s first fundraiser but I promise to get to that this weekend. What I do want to say now is how grateful I am for my family. We may not be perfect, but we are a family with great love for each other. We have endured quite a bit and still are grieving for our ‘past family life’ But through the love of friends, family and strangers we have been lifted up and carried. Life has a way of putting things into perpective. We cannot complain too much because despite all the difficulties that lie ahead my husband and I still have each of our children with us today. We can still wake up and hug our sweet babies and cradle them each night. There are many parents (some right close by and some across this nation) that cannot do that. My heart is heavy for the pain that those mothers and fathers must carry in their hearts in this lifetime.

So I am grateful. I am grateful for my sweet family. I love each of my children and embrace the challenges of today and those that will come. I am grateful for dear friends near and far that have so graciously given of themsleves to help us fundraise on Oliver’s behalf. I am thankful for the tireless hours given, the donations of goods for his yard sale, and the generous donations given on Oliver’s behalf. I am thankful for those who have offered to watch our children when needed or offered help with meals or service in some other way.

We love our community and are thankful for all that have helped us. It is our hope and desire to be able to give back to our community somehow and someday.

By omaof5

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