After Dark Glow-in-the-Dark Party in the Park

Despite our travel-lag we had from returning from Sacramento the night before, we gathered together with our friends on Tuesday, November 13th for a night outside filled with hot chocolate, divine cookies, and all things that glow. We are thankful for our dear friend, Laura for organizing this outing with friends. We are indeed grateful for all those who showed up to offer their support. Some were old friends from our previous ward (congregation) and some were new friends that we had never met before. Laura also invited the Antelope Valley Press out to do a feature on Oliver. Look for his article to be in the Monday, November 26th edition. I didn’t realize the editor and photographer would be there so long so I apologize if I was not able to get to talk with each of you more.  We do appreciate all those that came out to play. We know how challenging it can be especially with the winter elements upon us. The weather was a bit milder that night and the children had a lot of fun running around with their light sabers, glow in the dark rings, bracelets and balls. It sure wore my kids out and they happily retired to bed on time. Thank you all for joining us in our nighttime play!

By omaof5

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